Stay Dry

Table Tennis
Located in cooling A/C of the games room, this is the perfect escape during the occasional rain shower, or to work off a scrumptious dinner. Just ask the front desk for the paddles and ball, and challenge another guest to a match.
Tobago is home to over 200 species of birds, and Birdwatching is one of the most popular activities we have to offer, and has really established our island and Blue Waters Inn. The hotel is nestled among 46 acres of greenery, so don't be surprised to see the cobalt blue head of the Mot Mot perched on your balcony, the mischievous Bannaquit trying to nip from the sugar bowl at breakfast, or even spy the national bird, the Cocrico strolling the grounds haughtily. We are also located just opposite Bird of Paradise island, a nature sanctuary since 1926, and this is just one of the tours that can be arranged to take in the wonder and beauty of the birds.
You are invited to explore the oldest legally protected nature reserve in the world, established since 1764. A hike through this incredibly untouched acreage allows you to absorb the beauty of a tropical rainforest, the colors, the sounds, the flora and fauna. The reserve covers over a third of Tobago, and hiking tours can be arranged. On our own 46 acres, there are several easy trails and walks available that can expose you to breathtaking views and fascinating species of plant and animal, not too far from the haven of your room. Take your pick, and take a hike!
Whether knocking a few balls or engaging in one of our friendly tournaments (guest participation permitting), our tennis court is available daily to our guests.
At BWI we encourage our guests to do everything - or do nothing at all. If relaxing and chilling out are your only goals for your stay with us, we salute you. Choose from the many options you have to do - choose a book from the library and curl up in a hammock, get a cocktail from the bar and take in the breeze from our Jetty Gazebo, or just pull up a beach chair, grab a patch of sand and take a good, solid nap. Just don't forget the sunblock! If you've had enough of the sun, cool off in our Games Room, where you can surf the internet, watch movies, or play board games.

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