About Us.

We are delighted to welcome you.

We believe that to know where you are going, you have to know where you came from. We are fascinated by our history, beginning in 1830 with the purchase of the land by English born naturalist, William Sanger Tucker. The 46-acre estate went through many transformations- sugar plantation, animal sanctuary, Bird watching hotel (The original Bird of Paradise Inn), Spearfishing school (Camp Crusoe), Boy Scout’s camp. It also changed hands many times, mostly an asset of the Tucker descendants, but spending a brief stint in the hands of the famous Guinness family dynasty. Today it stands as what we believe it was meant to be – an intimate resort offering a truly unique Caribbean experience to the world.

We offer more than just the typical sun-and-sand vacation, though being situated in our own private bay with a strip of gold beach and an expanse of turquoise water certainly does appeal to that. With our close proximity to some of the world’s best dive spots, the oldest bird sanctuary in the western hemisphere, and an unrivalled serenity and intimacy, we believe that we can offer something extraordinary. Enhanced by lush surroundings, luxurious accommodation and delectable dining, we strive to create the distinctive Blue Waters experience.

We are the ideal retreat for friends and families, nature lovers, scuba divers, bird watchers, weddings and honeymoons.