Blue Waters Inn Weddings.

Your wedding is always a momentous occasion, wherever it occurs.You can find so many options for your wedding at Blue Waters Inn. You can choose to have your ceremony on the golden sand with your toes in the surf, on the hotel’s private jetty gazebo at sunset, on the bungalow lawn facing the horizon,on a boat in the bay, or in the intimacy of your veranda. The stunning Infinity Pool Deck is also another enchanting spot for your ceremony and reception. You also have the unique option of having your entire wedding party stay at the hotel, which creates special memories for you and your guests, as it becomes an experience that everyone can contribute to and participate in. BWI can also organize everything from hair and makeup, to photography and décor. The onsite restaurant and bar provide a mouthwatering menu, with the freshest seafood and signature cocktails. The friendly staff especially enjoys the joy a wedding can bring, and are eager to do everything they can to make your day as wonderful as possible.

Blue Waters Inn Honeymoons.

At Blue Waters, we are big fans of love, and honeymooners are especially treasured guests. Let us pamper you with special touches, attention to detail, and a great appreciation for your privacy. We would love to suggest special excursions for you…champagne picnic on the beach…kissing under a waterfall…sunset boat ride? We want to help make your time together even that more romantic.